All the shengnu ladies--Accomplished Chinese women are a new "leftover" generation: Too successful to marry, but disrespected without a man

Try the Santorum--Santorum cocktail taste test

How Not To Apologize--Rush Limbaugh’s statement on Sandra Fluke was a textbook example of what not to say.

When the Facts Don't Matter--Same-sex marriage isn't hurting anyone. So why are so many people still afraid of it?

Dictionary of American Regional English reaches final volume

Bathed in smog--Beijing's pollution could cut 5 years off lifespan, expert says

The Most Popular Chinese Movie of All Time--It’s a Western. It’s a comedy. It’s a critique of corruption. It’s a send-up of the Chinese movie industry. It’s going to confuse the hell out of Americans.

The Power of Habit--How the history of toothpaste explains why you can’t lose weight.

NYT: One Is the Quirkiest Number--The Freedom, and Perils, of Living Alone

Linsanity vs. Lindsanity: THG Tale of the Tape!
The 25 Best Jeremy Lin Signs We've Seen So Far
No More Chinks in the Armor--The Jeremy Lin controversy suggests it’s time to retire the phrase for good.

The answer to the most famous unanswerable fantasy riddle

Catchphrase Executioner-Bad sex jargon, horrible “occupy” jokes, and other terrible things we said this year.

The Atlantic: Study of the Day: There Are No Winners in an Overcrowded Mall

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Why women need fat--Evolution shows that women's dieting beliefs aren't just unrealistic -- they're unnatural. An expert explains

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Atlantic: All the Single Ladies

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The Effect Effect--Daniel Kahneman and the language of popular psychology.

The loud American I swore I’d never be--When I moved from Canada people mocked me for my "aboots." I promised I wouldn't change. I was wrong

The New Full-Frontal--Has Pubic Hair in America Gone Extinct?

More college women speak in creaks, thanks to pop stars

NYT: Online Learning, Personalized--Khan Academy Blends Its YouTube Approach with Classrooms

Why people with a sweet tooth are just generally sweeter people

Chinese Smog Disaster Rouses Chinese Media

NYT: The Hoarder in You--It’s Time to Say Goodbye to All That Stuff

NYT: Picking Brand Names in China is a Business Itself

Being too polite to your waitress may cost you money

NYT: Stuff That Defines Us--History of the World in 100 Objects from the British Museum
BBC History of the World Homepage
BBC History of the World Podcasts

Can 17-Year-Olds Vote in Mississippi? The weirder implications of Mississippi’s anti-abortion amendment declaring fetuses to be people.

America Needs Broadly Educated Citizens, Even Anthropologists--The president of Arizona State University explains why Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s emphasis on practical education is short-sighted.

Sophie's World - An Eventful Affair with a Vixen Winner of the Fritz Pölking Award 2011

Bitter Brew--I opened a charming neighborhood coffee shop. Then it destroyed my life.

10 Words You Might Think Came from Science (But Are Really From Science Fiction


There’s the Wrong Way and Jacques Pépin’s Way

Endangered Dragon:As Its Economy Sprints Ahead, China’s People Are Left Behind

My Family’s Experiment in Extreme Schooling: Three American siblings attend an experimental school in Moscow where instruction is only in Russian and classes are videotaped to improve teaching.

Go Slow To Go Fast--Why highways move more swiftly when you force cars to crawl along at 55 mph.

South Korean airport fights drug smugglers with cloned dogs

Ahmadinejad's Nightmare--Does homosexuality exist in every human society? Most of the article is about secluded societies without the concept of homosexuality.

America's secular revival: Five signs that, despite the GOP's efforts, religion's impact on U.S. politics will soon decline

No evidence that single-sex schools are better than coed Lots of disagreement with the article in the comments section

NYT Op-Ed: If It Feels Right ...

NYT: Allowing Teenage Boys to Love Their Friends

NYT Opinion: The Trouble With Homework Interesting. So how much homework do our students do, and how can we make them do more productive homework?

NYT Opinion: Delay Kindergarten at Your Child’s Peril

NYT Op-Ed: Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?

Street Photographer Suggests There's No Such Thing as Unique

China's soaring costs could help American jobs

The After-Wife--Pat Robertson says Alzheimer's can justify divorce because your spouse is "gone." Is he right?

Who Killed 3-D? A box-office whodunit.

The Question-Driven Life: Interesting bio or profile example

Unsavory Culinary Elitism: Could have students learn who the people are and what their shows are like

The Kids Are Not All Right: students can examine how to make the support stronger for this article / look for logical fallacies like begging the question

A vegetarian's guide to talking to carnivores--Updated: If you decide to quit eating meat, you'll need to brace yourself for these absurd arguments

Who's Afraid of Digital Natives? Let's not get intimidated by kids and their Internet savvy.

'Psychic Benefits' and the NBA Lockout--The author of The Tipping Point explains why owning a basketball franchise has always been a bad business — and ought to stay that way

That's So Mysto--What makes slang stick?

Print vs. Online--The ways in which old-fashioned newspapers still trump online newspapers.

How to Beat the High Costs of Dialing Abroad

All the President's Memes--Why Obama gets so much love on the Internet.

As Chinese Visit Taiwan, the Cultural Influence Is Subdued

How the hot dog became the most American food--Served everywhere from Coney Island to the FDR White House, the wiener has come to symbolize our way of life

Not your imagination--Kids today really are less creative, study says

Dog becomes local celebrity for his math skills

Mass grave reveals 1,000 year old Viking massacre

Our favorite summer foods, explained

The dirty words we dare not say--My parents instilled in me a bone-deep hatred of gross terminology. It makes being a grown-up tricky sometimes

How Was The Joker Potty Trained? Mental Health Experts Psychoanalyze Batman Villains

Being Tony Plush--Finding redemption through Nyjer Morgan's gentleman alter ego.

What a Copycat--Why do we call imitators "cats"? Why not monkeys?

Lying is part of child's development, study confirms

Half of men would dump woman who got fat: But only 20 percent of women surveyed said they'd ditch a dude who gained weight

Get a Room! Is Airbnb a fad, or will it revolutionize the way you travel?

Experts Baffled by Mysterious Underground Chambers

Why no one hears the ocean in a sea shell

The Doctor and the Pomegranate: Antioxidants don't work, but no one wants to hear it.

Go Ahead, Eat Chocolate for Breakfast: Why the lawsuit against Nutella is bunk.

Can a Playground Be Too Safe?

New for Aspiring Doctors, the People Skills Test

John Next Door

Are porn watchers the same as johns? A new study conflates paying for prostitutes with indulging in mainstream and legal sexual entertainment

If You Want To Outlaw Prostitution, You're Going To Have To Do Better Than This

Today in Hollywood-Induced Sex Panics

A New Gauge to See What’s Beyond Happiness

Speaking Up in Class, Silently, Using Social Media

Now you can buy groceries using augmented reality, in South Korean subway stations

Sophie’s Choice and Other Choice Choices

Men Are From Cuddle, Women Are From Penis--A new study supposedly says women want sex but men want cuddling. Don't believe it.

Read My Lisp--Is Michele Bachmann's husband gay? Don't trust gaydar to settle the question.

Questioning the Inca Paradox--Did the civilization behind Machu Picchu really fail to develop a written language?

Which Is Worse for a Child's Development—Exposure to Graphic Sex or Appalling Violence?

Art that turns our childhood stories into dark, twisted fun

The Bilingual Advantage: Interview with Ellen Bialystok. By CLAUDIA DREIFUS: Among other benefits, the regular use of two languages appears to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.

Nicholas D. Kristof: Our Fantasy Nation?: If Republicans seek a country with low taxes, little regulation and traditional family values, I have the perfect place for them. Body armor suggested.

Your Name Impacts How Others Judge You
What Does Your Name Tell Others About You?

Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts.: NY Times op-ed.

Coaching and Much More for Chinese Students Looking to U.S.

Cloud Girlfriend: I’m Not Real, but Neither Are You

Superbrands' success fuelled by sex, religion and gossip