Interesting Articles that I read in 2010 or earlier:


Defensive Selling: How businesses cope with rage-filled customers

Want to be popular on the internet? Be a jerk.

Horizon: Is seeing believing? video quiz:

YouTube clips of the Program: Is Seeing Believing?
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

What makes a genius?
Did cooking make us human?

High BPA levels don't swim well with sperm

In praise of virtual desktop software

Teachers, students and Facebook, a toxic mix

The European approach to teen sex and love, in pictures

Can avatars and hyper-real video conferencing replace business meetings?

Christina Hendricks on an Endless Loop: The glorious GIF renaissance.

In Defense of Middle Management: A new study demonstrates just how important bureaucracy and paperwork really are.

The race to buy up the world's water

Don't stick it in: The dangers of USB drives

Americans safer, more experimental in bed
ABC news story on the sex survery
The Ass Man Cometh
Pretzel Nation, Americans have sex in 41 combinations

When did blondes get so dumb?
Stereotype Threat

Laptops lead to toasted skin syndrome

Neurotic people are not just unhappy, they are expensive

Junk Food Diet

Bugged Naked: Webcams, sex, and the death of privacy

The Sex Part: Can men and women really be friends?

Chinese Masters of the Yuan Dynasty

The Spin Cycle: Tide's Loads of Hope program is one part do-goodery, one part marketing genius.

And Now a Message From Chuck Lorre

"It's Like a Safari, and We're the Zebras"

World's coral faces second mass die-off

Super salmon or 'frankenfish'? FDA to decide
How Can the FDA Tell Whether GMO Fish Are Safe?

The price of love? Losing two of your closest friends

Fashion Designer Unveils Spray-On Fabric:

Why we believe propaganda

PowerPoint isn't evil if you learn how to use it

Confessing to Crime, but Innocent

Video games lead to faster decisions that are no less accurate
Call of Duty' Video Game Trains Brains for Fast, Accurate Decision-Making
Shoot-'Em-Ups Make You Smarter (Slatest version)
People who spend hours playing Call of Duty 2 are much better at decision-making than people who play the Sims, researchers say.

CitiBank Advises Women Not To Sabotage Their Careers:
Check Out Citigroup's Guide To Emailing Without Getting Busted

Research in the Crib: What happens when language scientists use their own children as test subjects?

How Are Humans Unique? By MICHAEL TOMASELLO:

Looking for Baby Sitters: Foreign Language a Must:

Learning a Language From an Expert, on the Web:

Does your language shape how you think. Mention of Whorf hypothesis. Shows how grammatical gender and geocentric viewpoints affect language.

Boom! Hok! A Monkey Language Is Deciphered

Deciphering the Chatter of Monkeys and Chimps

Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper as first sitcom character with Asperger's syndrome.

Newsweek article on ambitious women executives in China. Good comparison/contrast:

Smell of jasmine 'as calming as valium'

William Saletan Memory Doctor Articles from Slate:

Part 1: The Ministry of Truth: A mass experiment in altering political memories. --
Part 2: Removable Truths: A memory expert's inexpungible past. --
Part 3: Leading the Witness: Contaminated memories and criminal injustice. --
Part 4: The Recipe: A cookbook for memories of sexual abuse. --
Part 5: Truth of Consequences? Exploiting psychology in law and advertising. --
Part 6: The Road to Therapy: Finding good uses for mental manipulation. --
Part 7: Training Humans: Better living through memory modification. --
Part 8: The Future of the Past: --

Are China's language problems due to English or politics?

Under that burqa, lipstick and high heels:

Can You Force Yourself To Dream? How to optimize your naps for learning.

Nudges Gone Wrong: A program designed to reduce energy consumption persuaded some Republicans to consume more.: Some Cialdini persuasion stuff in this article.

15 Unintentionally Perverted Toys for Children

Puns for educated minds:

Hollywood execs rethink plastic surgery, embrace natural looks:

Top 50 Internet Acronyms Parents Should Know:

How to understand your kid's text messages:

Teen sex codes revealed:

When did unsafe sex stop being scary:

Banning laptop computers in the classroom:

The egg market:

That's what she said: The other half of Tiger Woods's text messages:

Can you predict marriage happiness in 15 minutes?

Couples who say we are happier:

You can text me now: rule for texting etiquette:

Fruit bats use oral sex to prolong the deed:

Teens susceptible to coerced reproduction:

19 Bizarre home cures that really work:

Exercise makes your brain brighter:

Is your junk food habit making you depressed:

Tiger Woods does not have 11 "Mistresses":

Why Glee's Losers and Mean Girls are so true to life

Awkward Suggestions: Let's Have Fun with the Google Search Box
The winner of the Google Suggest contest: this is the follow up to the previous article

Everything you wanted to know about sex (but didn't learn because you grew up in China)

Doc Ellis and the LSD No-No

Scientology Losing Ground To New Fictionology:

25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods:>1=31036

How To Charge Your Laptop: Four essential tips for extending the battery life of your computer, cell phone, and every other gadget.:

Do Women Really Ask for Raises Less Frequently Than Men?

There Are No Seven Stages of Grief:,0

Emote Control: Why couldn't we tell that the balloon boy's parents were faking their distress?

Carry on luggage packing tips:

Omega-3 deficiency may be hurting our hearts:

The Anatomy of a Web Advertising Scam: Investigating the people behind those sketchy flat stomach ads:

Death a la Carte: It's not Google that's killing the media

Sweet Surrender: Taxing soda to make you stop drinking it:
Is Big Food as Evil as Big Tobacco?

What the frak?

Exam Yuan revising English test for civil servants:

How To Get an Unbelievable, Amazing, Fantastic, Thrilling Deal on New Glasses: Buy them online:

Do You Know Your Brain Foods?

Nutrition Claims: Fact or Fiction?;_ylt=As7B49Y7geADLn5115AYUggT08gF

Apples: The Live Longer Fruit;_ylt=Aj.v4T0NoTGY_7M.kg3.MzQT08gF

Internet use 'good for the brain'

Smart brains 'grow differently'

Brain signals predict weight gain

Q&A: Mobile phone safety

How we dig up distant memories

Human brain began evolving early

How memories build during sleep

Quality sleep 'rescues memories'

Sage herb 'can boost memory'

Herbal remedies 'boost brain power'

Ginseng 'could improve memory'

Normal ageing 'can addle brain'

Well, Excuuuuuse Meee! Why humans are so quick to take offense, and what that means for the presidential campaign.