Interesting Articles that I have read in 2011:


Have we met? Tracing the origins of face blindness

Catchphrase Executioner-Bad sex jargon, horrible “occupy” jokes, and other terrible things we said this year.

The Atlantic: Study of the Day: There Are No Winners in an Overcrowded Mall

NYT: Crusaders Take Page, and Outfits, From Comics

NYT: 10 Things Job Applicants Should Know

What is College For?

Why women need fat--Evolution shows that women's dieting beliefs aren't just unrealistic -- they're unnatural. An expert explains

Atlantic: How Walmart Is Changing China

Atlantic: All the Single Ladies

NYT: From Finland, an Intriguing School-Reform Model

NYT: As Facebook Aims at Millions of Users, Some are Content to Sit Out

Hearing Bilingual--How Babies Sort Out Language

Is there a genius in all of us?

The Effect Effect--Daniel Kahneman and the language of popular psychology.

The loud American I swore I’d never be--When I moved from Canada people mocked me for my "aboots." I promised I wouldn't change. I was wrong

The New Full-Frontal--Has Pubic Hair in America Gone Extinct?

More college women speak in creaks, thanks to pop stars

What we eat is bumming us out, new book says--'The Happiness Diet' explores the link between food and mood

NYT: Online Learning, Personalized--Khan Academy Blends Its YouTube Approach with Classrooms

Don’t Blink! The Hazards of Confidence

10 Gifts For People Who Sit In Front Of a Computer All Day

Why people with a sweet tooth are just generally sweeter people

Four Excellent Habits--The subtle skills that will give you a permanent edge in shaping your career or starting a new one.

Advice to job market newbies Dress appropriately, don't surf the web all day, and think twice before posting drunken shots on Facebook

What if there were rules for Science Journalism?

NYT: In "Game of Thrones," a language to make the world feel real

The Mouse Trap--The dangers of using one lab animal to study every disease. Part 1 of a 3 part series.

Smithsonian: The Science of Sarcasm? Yeah, Right--How do humans separate sarcasm from sincerity? Research on the subject is leading to insights about how the mind works. Really

NYT: Profiles in Science--Steven Pinker

Why Innovation Can't Fix America's Classrooms

Chinese Smog Disaster Rouses Chinese Media

NYT: Software that Listens for Lies

NYT: How Exercise Benefits the Brain

NYT: Teaching Good Sex

NYT: Sorry, Strivers--Talent Matters

NYT: Willpower--It’s in Your Head

NYT: The Hoarder in You--It’s Time to Say Goodbye to All That Stuff

Why we invented monsters How our primate ancestors shaped our obsession with terrifying creatures

“The Lord of the Rings,” “Twilight,” and Young-Adult Fantasy Books

Read more
Don’t believe the sex addiction hype

NYT: A Serving of Gratitude May Save the Day

Why we forget Science shows our memory can easily be distorted and erased -- but our forgetfulness also helps us survive

NYT: 100 Notable Books of 2011

NYT: The Once and Future Way to Run

NYT: Picking Brand Names in China is a Business Itself

NYT: Aging Well Through Exercise

Ape hand gestures reveal where humans evolved language

The evolution of deceit New discoveries show that fibs and self-deception are central to our evolutionary strategy. An expert explains

How to Read Body Language to Reveal the Underlying Truth in Almost Any Situation

Diabetes a growing threat to young and slim--Seemingly fit females increasingly at risk due to 'skinny-fat' condition

Being too polite to your waitress may cost you money

Stone-Washed Blue Jeans (Minus the Washed)

How music changes our brains Science is becoming increasingly interested in the relationship between sound and the brain. An expert explains

Google Translate: It Already Speaks as Well as a 10-Year-Old. How Good Can it Get?

Solving America’s teen sex problem--The Dutch have dramatically reduced adolescent pregnancies, abortions and STDs. What do they know that we don't?

NYT: Stuff That Defines Us--History of the World in 100 Objects from the British Museum
BBC History of the World Homepage
BBC History of the World Podcasts

Is porn ruining our love lives? It's destroying Cindy Gallop's romps with men raised on smut. Now she's calling for sexual re-education

How cellphone cameras shape OWS These videos have helped protesters create their own narratives and hold the police accountable

Why are most people right-handed?

Can 17-Year-Olds Vote in Mississippi? The weirder implications of Mississippi’s anti-abortion amendment declaring fetuses to be people.

NYT: Study Shows Why It’s Hard to Keep Weight Off

There’s the Wrong Way and Jacques Pépin’s Way

NYT Op: The Power of Positive Coaching

America Needs Broadly Educated Citizens, Even Anthropologists--The president of Arizona State University explains why Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s emphasis on practical education is short-sighted.

Make a Matchstick Rocket

Sophie's World - An Eventful Affair with a Vixen Winner of the Fritz Pölking Award 2011

IQ 'can change in teenage years'
How Can You Increase Your IQ? Stay in school (or just play some memory games).

Bitter Brew--I opened a charming neighborhood coffee shop. Then it destroyed my life.

Slide show: Homemade posters from Occupy Wall Street
Is this video “Occupy Wall Street Gone Wild”?
“Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street” creator defends film In a q-and-a on Salon, Steven Greenstreet discussed his motivations -- and critiqued the angry response from women
Lemony Snicket’s “observations” on Occupy Wall Street
Occupation and realignment How a real leftist movement could create a new center in American politics

The Necessity, and Elusiveness, of Sleep

From Dung Power to Solar Power--How billions without electrical access will benefit from clean energy.

Introducing //**Slate**//’s Negotiation Academy--A series of short podcasts to teach you the basic rules for getting the best deal.

Schmoozing as Strategy: **//Slate//**’s Negotiation Academy--Episode 2 of our series on haggling like the pros.
Episode 3: The Art and Trickery of Persuasion
Episode 4: The Ticking Clock and Other Physical Tactics
Episode 5: Negotiating with Jerks and Liars
Episode 6: Closing the Deal
The Gender Divide: **//Slate//**’s Negotiation Academy Episode 7
Location, Location, Negotiation: Slate's Negotiation Academy Episode 8
Episode 9: Negotiating with Kids
Episode 10: Negotiating for Salary

What Parkinson’s Teaches Us About the Brain Forced Exercise's effect on the brain

10 Words You Might Think Came from Science (But Are Really From Science Fiction


Go Slow To Go Fast--Why highways move more swiftly when you force cars to crawl along at 55 mph.

What kind of bottled water tastes the best?

Does Absence Actually Make the Heart Grow Fonder? A new book suggests that getting away from each other for prolonged periods of time is good for the health of your marriage.

More bad supplement news--Vitamin E may be risky for prostate

Scientists Turn Brain Activity Into Moving Images--U.C.-Berkeley researchers tap into technology that may one day allow for rewatching your dreams.

Attention Must Be Paid--How the Internet is changing how people listen. Interesting example of a definition paper.

NYT Op-Ed about Yoga: How Garbo Learned to Stand on Her Head

NYT Op-Ed: No More Adventures in Wonderland

Endangered Dragon:As Its Economy Sprints Ahead, China’s People Are Left Behind

My Family’s Experiment in Extreme Schooling: Three American siblings attend an experimental school in Moscow where instruction is only in Russian and classes are videotaped to improve teaching.

Puns, Puzzles, and Easter eggs in Margaret Atwood’s //The Handmaid’s Tale//
For the Love of Science Fiction--Margaret Atwood’s In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination.

Mind-blowing sex actually can wipe memory clean

What caused the wealth gap? Protesters are furious over America's growing income disparity. Economist Jeffrey Sachs explains where it came from

Should We Clone Endangered Species?

South Korean airport fights drug smugglers with cloned dogs

Ahmadinejad's Nightmare--Does homosexuality exist in every human society? Most of the article is about secluded societies without the concept of homosexuality.

America's secular revival: Five signs that, despite the GOP's efforts, religion's impact on U.S. politics will soon decline

Books that deserve to be banned : Some interesting discussion about books that should or should not be on a high school reading list

A Guide To Navigating NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books
A New "Recommendation Engine" for Science Fiction Books

Not Sharing Is Caring--Facebook's terrible plan to get us to share everything we do on the Web.

Want some free, anonymous health care? Try your local U.S. Health Department.

"Teleported" mice reveal secrets of memory

What’s so bad about sugar? Article really misses the point on the recent findings about the negative effects of sugar, some interesting comments, but the comments also show some misunderstanding on what the issues are.

No evidence that single-sex schools are better than coed Lots of disagreement with the article in the comments section

Baboons are capable of understanding analogies

NYT Op-Ed: If It Feels Right ...

NYT: Allowing Teenage Boys to Love Their Friends

NYT Opinion: The Trouble With Homework Interesting. So how much homework do our students do, and how can we make them do more productive homework?

NYT Op-Ed: How to Stop the Drop in Verbal Scores

NYT Opinion: Delay Kindergarten at Your Child’s Peril

NYT Opinion: Egghead and Blockheads

NYT Op-Ed: Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?

Street Photographer Suggests There's No Such Thing as Unique

How to light steel on fire

Are all artificial sweeteners equal?

10 Crazy Science Experiments That Wound Up In Your Kitchen

Is Netflix As Dumb As It Seems?The strange logic of the company's decision to divide itself in half.

China's soaring costs could help American jobs

Alzheimer's link another reason to fear diabetes

The After-Wife--Pat Robertson says Alzheimer's can justify divorce because your spouse is "gone." Is he right?

Who Killed 3-D? A box-office whodunit.

Great Social Networks Steal--In praise of Facebook's thievery.

In a Race to Out-Rave, 5-Star Web Reviews Go for $5

The Question-Driven Life: Interesting bio or profile example
Unsavory Culinary Elitism: Could have students learn who the people are and what their shows are like
The Kids Are Not All Right: students can examine how to make the support stronger for this article / look for logical fallacies like begging the question

A vegetarian's guide to talking to carnivores--Updated: If you decide to quit eating meat, you'll need to brace yourself for these absurd arguments

Cryptophasia--The secrets of twin speak.

Are There Hidden Messages in Pronouns? James Pennebaker says computers reveal secret patterns.

Who's Afraid of Digital Natives? Let's not get intimidated by kids and their Internet savvy.

'Psychic Benefits' and the NBA Lockout--The author of The Tipping Point explains why owning a basketball franchise has always been a bad business — and ought to stay that way

Scientists have recorded the first experimental evidence that elephants experience //eureka!// moments

Black Death study lets rats off the hook--Plague of 1348-49 spread so fast in London the carriers had to be humans not black rats, says archaeologist

Salman Khan, Founder of Khan Academy--His folksy lectures are revolutionizing how kids learn math and science.

That's So Mysto--What makes slang stick?

Print vs. Online--The ways in which old-fashioned newspapers still trump online newspapers.

How to Beat the High Costs of Dialing Abroad

Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade

How Exercise Can Keep the Brain Fit

The Scent of a Woman--Don't trust the hype about pheromones and sexual attraction.

All the President's Memes--Why Obama gets so much love on the Internet.

As Chinese Visit Taiwan, the Cultural Influence Is Subdued

A soothing voice can change your hormones…but a text message won’t

How the hot dog became the most American food--Served everywhere from Coney Island to the FDR White House, the wiener has come to symbolize our way of life

Not your imagination--Kids today really are less creative, study says

Dog becomes local celebrity for his math skills

Mass grave reveals 1,000 year old Viking massacre

Our favorite summer foods, explained

Can a redesign make us eat better? A look at the creative process behind the colorful new FDA nutrition labels

Eggs, two meals a day -- I'd finally learned to embrace this cheap protein. Then my mother-in-law brought us seven cartons of them

The disappearing fish we should worry about -- How Virginia's permissive legislation is destroying the menhaden -- and the Atlantic's ecosystem

The dirty words we dare not say--My parents instilled in me a bone-deep hatred of gross terminology. It makes being a grown-up tricky sometimes

How Was The Joker Potty Trained? Mental Health Experts Psychoanalyze Batman Villains

Being Tony Plush--Finding redemption through Nyjer Morgan's gentleman alter ego.

What a Copycat--Why do we call imitators "cats"? Why not monkeys?

Slowpoke-How to be a faster writer.

Salman Khan, Founder of Khan Academy: His folksy lectures are revolutionizing how kids learn math and science.

Lying is part of child's development, study confirms

Chimps prove that human generosity is an ancient trait

Half of men would dump woman who got fat:But only 20 percent of women surveyed said they'd ditch a dude who gained weight

Get a Room! Is Airbnb a fad, or will it revolutionize the way you travel?

Experts Baffled by Mysterious Underground Chambers

Coin tosses don’t really give you fifty-fifty odds

Why no one hears the ocean in a sea shell

How Chocolate Can Help Your Workout

The Doctor and the Pomegranate: Antioxidants don't work, but no one wants to hear it.

Go Ahead, Eat Chocolate for Breakfast: Why the lawsuit against Nutella is bunk.

Some Researchers Say Coffee Is Good for You; Others Say It's Bad. Who's Right?

Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables

Can a Playground Be Too Safe?

Still Counting Calories? Your Weight-Loss Plan May Be Outdated

How to turn an orange peel into a mini-flamethrower

Great Character Descriptions from Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

Internet Use Affects Memory, Study Finds

New for Aspiring Doctors, the People Skills Test

John Next Door
Are porn watchers the same as johns? A new study conflates paying for prostitutes with indulging in mainstream and legal sexual entertainment
If You Want To Outlaw Prostitution, You're Going To Have To Do Better Than This

Today in Hollywood-Induced Sex Panics
A New Gauge to See What’s Beyond Happiness

Brain Calisthenics for Abstract Ideas

Speaking Up in Class, Silently, Using Social Media

Peer pressure can actually change your memories

Middle Earth Map Dress

Sitting is destroying your body

Now you can buy groceries using augmented reality, in South Korean subway stations

Sophie’s Choice and Other Choice Choices

Men Are From Cuddle, Women Are From Penis--A new study supposedly says women want sex but men want cuddling. Don't believe it.

Read My Lisp--Is Michele Bachmann's husband gay? Don't trust gaydar to settle the question.

Questioning the Inca Paradox--Did the civilization behind Machu Picchu really fail to develop a written language?

Which Is Worse for a Child's Development—Exposure to Graphic Sex or Appalling Violence?

Diet sodas don't help with dieting

Google unveils next social network feat
Google+ faces uphill climb vs. Facebook

Urinating chimp uses awesomely disgusting strategy to get a snack

Brain Calisthenics for Abstract Ideas

Art that turns our childhood stories into dark, twisted fun

Hammock naps are the best, research proves

How Sugar Affects Your Brain and Body

The Bilingual Advantage: Interview with Ellen Bialystok. By CLAUDIA DREIFUS: Among other benefits, the regular use of two languages appears to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.

Nicholas D. Kristof: Our Fantasy Nation?: By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: If Republicans seek a country with low taxes, little regulation and traditional family values, I have the perfect place for them. Body armor suggested.

Your Name Impacts How Others Judge You
What Does Your Name Tell Others About You?

A Good Night’s Sleep Isn’t a Luxury; It’s a Necessity: By JANE E. BRODY. There always seems to be something keeping us awake.

Your So-Called Education: NY Times op-ed.

Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts.: NY Times op-ed.

Sugar may be sapping your memory

The Rise of "Logical Punctuation".: The period outside the quotation marks is not a copy error.

Coaching and Much More for Chinese Students Looking to U.S.

A Memory Tonic for the Aging Brain: As we grow older, we forget things like where we parked the car. Exercise can sharpen our recall.

Basic Technology Made Easier, Volume One - _ State of the Art
25 More Tech Tips and Tricks: Another batch of tech tips to save you time and effort.
Four Ways to Make Your Battery Last Longer: How to make your iPhone battery last a lot longer? About a minute of maintenance.
Pogue's Posts: The latest in technology from the Times’s David Pogue, with a new look.

Cloud Girlfriend: I’m Not Real, but Neither Are You

Superbrands' success fuelled by sex, religion and gossip

The Rosslyn code: A 500-year-old message in stone. The real mystery lurking in the chapel where Dan Brown set The Da Vinci Code.

Science reveals what you need to do to talk people into anything

Foods With Benefits, or So They Say

David Brooks / Nice guys finish first:Because humans thrive by cooperating

Kicking Up a Stink. On eating cheese in China.

The Twitter Trap: What thinking in 140 characters does to our brains.

Prophecy Fail: What happens to a doomsday cult when the world doesn't end?

Speaking Up in Class, Silently, Using Social Media: A small but growing cadre of educators is trying to exploit Twitter-like technology to enhance classroom discussion.

Lie to me: Scientifically proven ways to catch a liar

Add sugar to your antibiotics and crush superbugs

Curses: Are there really more accidents on Friday the 13th?

Cool Story, Bro!: A meme for our information-saturated moment.

Rock-Paper-Scissors: You vs. the Computer: Test your strategy against the computer in this rock-paper-scissors game illustrating basic artificial intelligence.

A Fruit With a Future: Suddenly dragon fruit, the cactus-bred curio, is appearing in too many places to count.

‘Disease of Kings’ Trickles Down to the Rest: The number of Americans with gout is rising steadily as the population ages, becomes heavier and is exposed to foods that can precipitate the disorder in susceptible people.

Neanderthals and Early Humans May Not Have Mingled Much: Carbon dating shows that Neanderthals didn’t last as long as thought, throwing into doubt the idea that they may have interbred with early humans.

Care to share? : The pros and cons of sharing our private lives online

18 and Under: Fixated by Screens, but Seemingly Nothing Else: Is a child’s ability to stay focused on TV or a video game, though not on anything else, a cause or an effect of attention problems — or both?

Op-Ed Contributor : Hitting the Bottle: Manufacturers might be removing BPA, a chemical used to harden certain plastics, from their products. But they are substituting chemicals that may be just as dangerous.

How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With?: For most of us, eight hours of sleep is excellent and six hours is no good, but what if we split the difference?

What’s the Single Best Exercise?: Ask a dozen physiologists which exercise is best, and you’ll get a dozen wildly divergent replies.

In China, Fear of Fake Eggs and ‘Recycled’ Buns

Chimpanzees' 66 gestures revealed

The words that could unlock your child

Good-night, teen. Too little sleep can harm young brains: New research links groggy kids to cognitive problems, obesity and depression

Sleep-deprived brain cells take tiny catnaps

Cats of War: The Pentagon's top-secret feline special-operations program, revealed.

Technology Advances; Humans Supersize

Is Sugar Toxic?
What is the metabolic syndrome?
What if It's All Been a Big Fat Lie?

Manners for the Digital Age: Farhad Manjoo and Emily Yoffe help you navigate the etiquette of new technology.

That’s what she said: software that tells dirty jokes

Killer Apps: Translate Languages on the Spot! Farhad Manjoo reviews the latest augmented-reality apps for your phone.

Another Side of Tilapia, the Perfect Factory Fish

Speaking multiple languages can give you multiple personalities

Why a few 'ums' and 'ers' actually help children learn language

With Liposuction, the Belly Finds What the Thighs Lose: A study on liposuction confirms the patient’s worst fears: that weight loss is temporary.

The Case for Cursive
Is Cursive Dead? Not on your life.

Fried snacks top unhealthy list: survey

Will Cam Newton Be a Bust? The speech analysts at Achievement Metrics reveal whether the No. 1 pick is in the "quadrant of doom."
Turning Words Into Touchdowns Does a player's speech predict how he'll perform in the NFL?

You're All Nuts! How America became the land of Truthers, Triggers, Birthers, and Dan Brown fans.

Saying "I love you" is a matter of evolutionary economics

What if Batman’s sidekick starred in The Catcher in the Rye?

Monk brains Scanning meditation may reveal the science of tranquility

Scientists figure out how to test Neanderthals for left or right handedness

Let X Units of Freedom Ring How do you quantify a country's liberty?

A Revolutionary Way To Grow Tomatoes! Why you should plant everything in a homemade EarthTainer.

Dear Editors of the Oxford English Dictionary Time to get your shittle together

Language universality idea tested with biology method
'Oldest English words' identified
Are dying languages worth saving?

Massive taxonomic chart breaks down the superpowers of 200+ comic characters

Why we really can judge people on first impressions

The Body Odd - Why multitasking gets harder as we get older

Language may have developed for the first and only time 100,000 years ago

The Cure for Your Fugly Armpits How advertisers create body anxieties women didn't know they had, and then sell them the solution.

LOL's triumph: How did a little web acronym spread so fast?

The "Nonplussed" Problem How long should we cling to a word's original meaning?

How Not To Prevent Bullying Two anti-bullying videos that might do more harm than good.

The 20 Most Hilarious And Clever Print Ads Ever

50 Yahoo Answers Fails

20 Brilliant Marketing Campaigns That Literally Stopped Traffic

The 24 Coolest, Most Cleverly Placed Ads Ever

Want to look slimmer? Throw away the rules and wear hoops NOT stripes

Shakespeare and Verlander: Why are we so good at developing athletes and so lousy at developing writers?

Monkeys can count…but not on an empty stomach

How many groups reached the Americas before Christopher Columbus?

Food Articles:
It's Not About the Calories
End the War on Fat: It could be making us sicker.
Dark Sugar: The decline and fall of high-fructose corn syrup.
Footloose and Sugar-Free: The odyssey of my no-sweets diet.
Lard: After decades of trying, its moment is finally here.

The Birds Of Prey sing about Aquaman’s tiny penis
"Birds of Prey" from Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Walking Hadrian’s Wall

Craigslist sex trafficking scandal based on bogus stats

How Did "Muffin Top," "LOL" and "OMG" Get into the Oxford English Dictionary?

The Origin of the Term 'Baby Mama'

Raises Don't Make Employees Work Harder But pay cuts make them slack off.

Is your work schedule destroying your liver?

If you want to force someone to do something, be sure to touch them first

A psychoactive drug that’s spread through unprotected sex with men

Slate won for General Excellence in the News and Opinion category:
Complete List of 2011 Digital Ellies Winners
ASME Announces 2011 Digital Ellies Finalists

Can't feel the rhythm? You may be beat-deaf

Two differing views on nuclear power after the failure of reactors in Japan as a result of the earthquake and tsunami:
The True Costs of Nuclear Power: If the Japanese can't build a completely safe nuclear reactor, who can?
Nuclear Overreactors: Let's cool the political meltdown over Japan's damaged nuclear power plants.
Man vs. Meltdown Will Japan's nuclear crisis end in catastrophe?

How To Survive an Earthquake: What you need to buy to prepare for the Big One.

The Romantic Batman Lair You Can Book for $50 a Stay

The difference between apes and humans that led to cities, nations, and the internet

Don't Stop Working!: What's the secret to living longer and being healthier? Keep doing useful work.
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How wearing a glove can warp your sense of good and bad

Anonymous comments: Why we need to get rid of them once and for all.

Nussbaum: //30 Rock// Takes On the ‘Women in Comedy’ Issue

King James Bible: How it changed the way we speak

Do Teens Really Need Nine Hours of Sleep?

Forget Me Not: How to win the U.S. memory championship.

A view of the exact region in Africa where humans emerged

Doctor slang is a dying art

Medical Slang: which is a subpage of this webpage: **Slang**

Stone tools shaped the evolution of our hands

Impure Lesbians of Sodom

Psych-Out Sexism:The innocent, unconscious bias that discourages girls from math and science.

Shark catching drives species to extinction

Palau pioneers 'shark sanctuary'

Game-playing monkeys reveal how we evolved self-awareness

How to See in The Dark! Nightvision with infrared LEDs

John Dominic Crossan's 'blasphemous' portrait of Jesus

Master's degree holders keen to switch jobs: online poll

Sex Is Cheap:Why young men have the upper hand in bed, even when they're failing in life.

'Tolkien Professor' Corey Olsen brings Middle-earth to iTunes via podcasts

Choose Your Own Adventure: How The Cave of Time taught us to love interactive entertainment.

Scientists build the world's first anti-laser

Negative experiences can stop painkillers working

How 'OK' took over the world

Animals who live fast and die young could be the key to human life extension: Check out the comment section to see how confused people are about the article

Nip-tuck preferences sculpted by cultural ideals an Introduction to Critical Thinking

Are You There God? It's Me, Brain. How our innate theory of mind gives rise to the divine creator.

Humans' early arrival in Britain
Britain's human history revealed
Ancient Britons 'drank from skulls'

German 'plagiarism' minister Guttenberg drops doctorate

Biologists and dolphins have created a new inter-species language

To Talk With Aliens, Learn to Speak With Dolphins

On a Mission: The new Broadway musical by the creators of South Park isn't anti-Mormon. Like all of their work, it's anti-stupidity

Everything you know about beating stress is wrong: But these 6 tried-and-true anxiety-busters can relieve your chronically fried nerves

What John Tierney Gets Wrong About Women Scientists: Understanding a new study about discrimination

Hands-Free Hackers: An invisibility cloak, a virtual piano, and more amazing modifications for the Microsoft Kinect. A video slide show.

Sleeping enhances memory – but only the important stuff

Things you can do better asleep than you can awake

Gym Rats and Dope Fiends: Exercise can help reduce drug cravings. But is exercise itself a kind of drug?

100,000-year-old human settlement in U.A.E. overturns what we know of our evolution

MND apologizes for wrongful execution

It's Not the Job Market: The three real reasons why Americans are more anxious than ever before.

Tyranny of the Alphabet: A new study explores how your last name influences how fast you buy stuff.

How much money does a movie need to make to be profitable?

Handy chart explains how to write like Grant Morrison

Stanley Fish Picks His Favorite of Your Favorite Sentences

Why You Learn More Effectively by Writing Than Typing

Even a little meditation can change the structure of your brain

Chimpanzees are learning how to outwit human hunters

How to Plant Ideas in Someone's Mind
The Art of the Gripe

Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period.

Why Do Boys Like Sticks? An answer to the Explainer's 2010 Question of the Year.
The Questions We Never Answered
(Could have students research answers to these questions and write something similar to the Explainer style answers.)

Exercise doesn't help serious couch potatoes

Friendly Firearms--Gabrielle Giffords and the perils of guns: How an armed hero nearly shot the wrong man.